The Overview Experience

Hi, my name is Gavin, creator of The Overview Experience an informal dialogue platform designed to delve deeply into things that matter.


I am a father of four, living in Scotland and interested in exploring together with you some very important stuff. Whether you are running a conference, workshop, festival or making organisational change. The Overview Experience can help.

Dialogue is not something new, it is something people already know how to ‘do’. Something we have been engaging in since humans gathered around the fire. The Overview Experience creates space for conversation amongst people, that draws on the collective wisdom of the group.  This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a need to reach any particular goal or outcome. People find that dialogue by it’s very nature can be meaningful and transformational. However it may also mean that actions can come out of the process that are genuinely collective, surprising, creative and completely new.


Dialogue may well be one of the most effective ways of investigating the crisis which faces the planet, and indeed the whole of human nature and consciousness today.


Gavin Gowans

Tel: 01575-598297