Point Of Change Coaching

Point of Change Coaching is designed to bring out the best in you and your life.  It quickly brings you to a space of clarity and focus, that not only feels good but is effective as well. Point of Change helps you release doubts and anxieties, replacing them with self belief and certainty about your vision for your future – be that for your self, your health, your life or business.       


Whatever is going on in your life, what is working or what is not, there at the centre is You. That is why Point of Change coaching works with you to release the blocks that are holding you back, getting in the way of life.  If you want to build your confidence, self belief and reconnect to a life that feels good and right to you, then maybe coaching is your way forward.


Hi, I’m Beverley, life and wellness coach, success principles trainer and believer that what we want is possible.  Believer that struggle is optional, that there is always an easier way forward.

Yet, I know how tough it is to struggle on alone, feeling unsupported with your dreams and vision of a better life.  That is why I am passionate about helping people believe in themselves and learn to trust their own knowing, of what is right for them.  No longer do you have to feel stuck and frustrated with the circumstances of your life, repeating patterns and making do with less than you deserve.


IF You want to feel:

      Clarity  ||  Focus  ||  Back in Control of Your Life


IF You want more:

      Confidence  ||  Certainty  ||  Positive Outcomes


IF You want life to:

      Support You  ||  Work Out For You  ||  Feel Better To You


Then, let’s have a chat about that!


Point of Change Coaching, Membership and associated content is all about lifting yourself and your life Higher, getting into better relationship with life and having more of what you do want show up for you.  It is mindset, personal passion, focus and committed action toward the changes you decide are right for you, at a pace that feels possible.


Call or message me to arrange a complimentary consult to discuss options:


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