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Angus SEN was established in March 2019 following 18 months of consultation with the third sector to develop the Angus Social Enterprise Strategy and 3 year action plan.

The main purpose of Angus SEN is to promote, support and develop social enterprises in Angus and to provide a space for collaboration and partnership working.

Social Enterprise has been growing in Scotland.

This has been recognised by the Scottish Government in the creation of the 10 Year Social Enterprise Strategy and Action Plan.

There are over 5000 social enterprises in Scotland, as identified by the 2019 SE Census, and 109 in Angus.

There are many more enterprises that are at the start up stage too.

The Social Enterprise Strategy for Angus has been created to reflect the main themes in the Scottish Strategy as well as the local priorities.

This page is the official Angus SEN page and will be a useful tool for communication, collaboration and the sharing of information.

Membership is open to social enterprises that operate in Angus and meet the criteria of the  Scottish Code of Practice and those that are developing a new enterprise, whether as a startup or as part of an existing third sector organisation.

Angus Social Enterprise Network (Angus SEN) Membership info



Below are links to useful information if you have a social enterprise or are thinking of starting one.

SEN’s, What are they? 

Scottish Code of Practice

National 10 year Social Enterprise Strategy and

Action Plan

2019 SE Census

Nation SE Eco-System

Helpful Legal Structures

Angus Social Enterprise Strategy 2018-2026

Angus Social Enterprise 3 year Action Plan

Angus SEN Directory 2020

Angus Local Social Enterprise Business Support

Angus Social Enterprise Network (Angus SEN) Membership info

Angus Social Enterprise Newsletter Jan 2020







This page is under construction and a work in progress, please visit regularly for further updates.