I’ve just made myself a boiled egg.

That was after I played with the dog, read a few other blogs and generally tidied up.

I’m working from home today although I’m quite sure that’s not why I’ve done all of the above.

I’m usually pretty disciplined.

I’ve realised I’m procrastinating.

Avoiding what I should be doing which is writing this!

There, I said it. Sharing my vulnerabilities from the offset – GULP!

When you take the plunge and start your own business, there can be this unspoken thing where you think you have to behave in a certain way, dress in a certain way , perhaps be a slightly different version of yourself? Showing your vulnerabilities is not really one of them.

Maybe I’m talking rubbish?

Oh god another vulnerability…… shhhhh, don’t tell anyone but I don’t actually know if what I’m saying is right or not, although I do know what I’m saying is a fact for me.

Mind you as Brené Brown says ” To be vulnerable is to be brave”

Sometimes I do feel I have to act and dress in a certain way when it comes to being a business woman in businessy environments. Sometimes I think I should have more knowledge about business than I do for anyone to take me seriously. Even calling myself a business woman makes me laugh! But, I have a business, I am a woman, therefore a business woman I am!
Can I go as far as to even call myself an entrepreneur?!

I recently attended my first ever business breakfast a couple of weeks ago. The RBS 100 women event in the lovely Malmaison in Dundee. It was an all women panel and everything they said, I could relate to, especially impostor syndrome!

I loved it and will definitely be making time to attend similar things. It’s so important to be around and connect with like minded folks, I know this instinctively.

Language is so important too don’t you think? How you speak about yourself, your business, your passions all determines how others see and relate to you.

We recently met with an amazing young business woman who gave up a full time career to follow her passion. She also happens to have young children so you can imagine the juggling and challenges around all of that which she was, by the way, handling with amazing aptitude. What we did notice was how she spoke about her self, her business and how other people spoke about it.

I recognised it immediately as I experienced similar a good while back.

When you have your own business and or work from home, sometimes people either don’t take it seriously or they don’t recognise it as “work”.  My own son, bless him, made a comment one day when arriving home to find my business partner and myself sitting at the kitchen table having just stopped for a break “Do you two just sit around all day and drink tea?” Now there’s no doubt that there is quite a bit of tea consumed between the two of us, particularly when we’re brainstorming but no, that most definitely isn’t what we do all day.

He recognised the look I gave him and the error of his ways immediately and sheepishly slunk off to watch yet another episode of How I met your mother.

I understood at that point how I prioritised and spoke about the work I did allowed how people perceived and reacted to it.

What’s this got to do with Angus Business Connections? In fact what’s this got to do with anything ?



OH and LOOK…………….. I’ve just written my very first ever blog! Go me!!!!

Pauline Lockhart is Co Founder and CEO of CommunityFirstUK